“Sue has been extremely supportive in helping us to not only reshape our team structure but also in using her networks to help us find the external expertise we needed.”   Alan Slater Chief Executive NAFD

“When you have a small team with a large and varied workload it is critical to be able to maximise their time and talents to full effect. Our work enabled the NAFD team to focus on what they need to achieve as an Association.”  Sue Yates

Based in Solihull, the NAFD’s National Office team comprises an eight-strong team, led by Chief Executive Alan Slater, looking after membership, education, finance, conference events and the publication of Funeral Director Monthly. Sue Yates was approached by Alan through the Solihull Chamber of Commerce on which Sue is a Vice President on the Executive Committee.

The NAFD needed HR and coaching assistance to reshape job roles and responsibilities within the National Office team, allowing greater clarity in terms of role profiles and also an increased emphasis on membership development.

Some of the roles had become ‘blurred’ over time and a fresh set of eyes challenged who was doing what – and why – and looked at what might be standing in the way of progress.

This included supporting the NAFD with organisational and resource planning, introducing Key Performance Indicators and performance management.

Having spent some time getting to know the organisation and National Office team, Sue worked with Alan to identify key areas which required additional resource or focus.

Sue both advised the NAFD on how to approach these HR challenges but also provided hands-on coaching support, working with the National Office team to help them to get the best from this opportunity for development.

One key area of focus was on how to free Alan’s PA, Su, from her day to day responsibility for the magazine production in order to focus on membership development.


Sue recommended outsourcing the production of the magazine to external specialists and, using her regional networks to identify the right providers, facilitated a tender process.

Commercial and operational expertise:

• HR Solutions
• Coaching
• Tender/recruitment • expertise

“Sue’s commercial and operational expertise really helped us to understand how we could reshape the NAFD team to make best use of internal resources. At a time when competition for membership is high it is imperative that we are able to proactively highlight our member benefits to funeral firms, ensuring the Association’s longevity.”